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Sane pot gray S

Sane pot gray S

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Enable artistic expression in your home with the pot, Sane. This gray pot with small black dots is an enchanting creation that gives a playful and creative touch to your interior.

Sane is not just any pot; It is an artistic palette where the small black dots form a fascinating pattern. This unique detail immediately becomes an eye-catcher and adds a dose of playfulness to your home.

With a diameter of 11 cm, Sané is perfect to place in the bookcase for an extra detail or as an elegant accent on the dining table. Made of stoneware, it is robust and ready to be a reliable and decorative companion.

Give your home a personal touch with Sane - a pot that not only provides function, but also creates an atmosphere of creativity and style. Discover the possibilities and let Sané become a unique part of your interior.


  • Diameter:11ø
  • Height:10cm
  • Thickness:0.7cm

More information

  • Colour:Gray
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Glaze

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