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Romie vase black

Romie vase black

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Say hello to Romie - your new companion in art and elegance. Romie is not just a vase; It is an artistic creation of 28 cm that invites you to make a stylish flower arrangement. With its shape inspired by a body figure, Romie is not only a practical container for your flowers, but also a unique interior detail that will add a touch of playfulness and exclusivity to your home.

Romie comes in an elegant black shade, giving it a timeless and sophisticated feel. The unique design ensures that Romie stands out and becomes a talking point in any room. The vase is not only a functional object; It is an artistic representation of beauty and style.

Give your home a touch of elegance and let Romie become the perfect companion for your flowers. Welcome Romie to your home and let it become the essence of your interior.


  • Height:28cm
  • Length:24cm
  • Width:14cm
  • Thickness:0.7cm

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  • Colour:Black
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Glaze

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