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Rellis vase white M

Rellis vase white M

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Rellis, a white ceramic vase with small black dots, is a symbol of simple elegance and trend awareness. With its height of 24 cm and rounded shape, Rellis becomes not only a practical container, but also an artistic interior detail that catches the eye.

The white color of Rellis, accompanied by the small black dots, adds a subtle playfulness and creates a timeless aesthetic that fits in any room. The sleek design makes it the perfect addition to both classic and modern interior styles.

Made of ceramic, Rellis represents not only a vase, but also an opportunity to take your home to a new level of trend-conscious elegance. Place it in the living room, on the dining table or in the hallway to immediately create a striking and stylish atmosphere.

Rellis is not just an interior detail; It is a trendsetting statement piece that will enhance your interior. Let Rellis be the talking point and the artistic touch your home needs. With its striking design and elegant appearance, Rellis is the perfect addition to make your home even more unique and stylish.


  • Diameter:14ø
  • Height:24cm
  • Thickness:0.5cm

More information

  • Colour:White
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Chalk

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