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Rellis vase black M

Rellis vase black M

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The ability to transform your interior into an artistic expression has never been easier than with Rellis - a black ceramic vase that harmonizes style and simplicity. With a height of 24 cm and a round shape, Rellis becomes not only a container for flowers, but also an impressive interior detail in itself.

The deep black color and the quality of the ceramics give Rellis a timeless character. Place it as an autonomous sculpture on the sideboard in the hallway to immediately raise the level of your interior. Its elegant and simple design makes it the perfect companion to create an impressive entrance.

Rellis is more than just a vase; It is an artistic platform for your creative visions. Leave it empty to emphasize its own beauty or fill it with your favorite bouquet to add color and life to the room. No matter how you choose to decorate with Rellis, it will add a sense of modern elegance and a unique touch to your home environment. Give your interior the artistic lift it deserves with Rellis.


  • Diameter:14ø
  • Height:24cm
  • Thickness:0.5cm

More information

  • Colour:Black
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Chalk

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