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Olivia coffee table rectangle black

Olivia coffee table rectangle black

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Discover the beauty and functionality of the Olivia coffee table. With generous dimensions of 120x60 cm, this coffee table offers plenty of space to display your favorite decorations and collect your belongings.

The Olivia coffee table is elegant in its simplicity with its black color and sleek design. Its striking aesthetic makes it a perfect interior detail to enhance your living room or sitting area.

Create an elegant and modern atmosphere at home with the Olivia coffee table. The sleek and timeless design makes it a versatile piece of furniture that fits perfectly in different interior styles.

Give your living room a touch of simple elegance and let the Olivia coffee table create relaxing moments and social gatherings.


  • Height:60cm
  • Width:45cm
  • Length:120cm
  • Table top thickness:2cm

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  • Colour:Black
  • Materials:MDF
  • Finish:Veneer

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