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Melle rug 395x295 beige

Melle rug 395x295 beige

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Create a feeling of modern elegance and tranquility in your home with our exclusive Melle rug in a rectangular design and impressive dimensions of 395x295cm. This beautiful ivory beige rug is more than just a floor protector; It is an artistic expression of style and harmony that will transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty.

The calm ivory shade of the Melle rug immediately creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in your room. The generous dimensions fill large spaces impressively and create a sleek and modern look in your interior.

When you step on the Melle rug, you experience the wonderful feeling of comfort and softness under your feet. It's like a gentle embrace after a long day, making every step a pure pleasure.

Place the Melle rug in your home and let it create a modern and harmonious atmosphere that improves your daily life. With its impressive dimensions, you not only get a practical and comfortable surface to walk on, but also a stylish work of art that sets the tone for the entire room.


  • Length:395cm
  • Width:295cm

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  • Colour:White
  • Materials:Polyester

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