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La Paz storage cabinet light gray

La Paz storage cabinet light gray

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Welcome to a grand level of storage with our beautiful storage cabinet in a beautiful light gray shade - La Paz! It perfectly combines stylish elegance and functionality and is likely to change your perception of storage solutions.

This light gray cabinet has been thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail. The brass-colored handles provide a luxurious touch to the center piece. Their subtle shine attracts your attention and gives an enchanting look to the whole.

The cabinet is made of powder-coated metal in a pleasant light gray shade that fits seamlessly into many interior styles. It is supported by four slender legs that not only give a more airy impression, but also make vacuuming easier.

At the bottom there are three spacious drawers, which are your secret weapon against a messy house. Here you can easily and smoothly hide things, keeping your space neat and organized. On top are two cupboard doors framed by a curved textured glass design, discreetly revealing glimpses of your beautiful storage space. Place your fine porcelain or luxury glasses on top and let them become part of your interior!


  • Depth:35cm
  • Width:70cm
  • Height:160cm

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  • Colour:Light gray
  • Materials:Metal

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