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Ramsvik side table block 130cm black

Ramsvik side table block 130cm black

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Discover the Ramsvik side table, a modern, striking and elegant interior detail that will take the level of your interior to a higher level. With a height of 130 cm and dimensions of 40x40 cm, the Ramsvik offers enough space to display works of art, plants or decorative items in a stylish way.

The black color gives the side table a neutral and timeless look, making it a perfect match for different interior styles. Ramsvik combines modern design with an elegant touch, making it an essential element in your home.

Add a touch of style and sophistication to your room with the Ramsvik side table. Whether used to display works of art or as an elegant accent in the room, Ramsvik will spark a conversation and add a stylish atmosphere to your interior.


  • Depth:40cm
  • Width:40cm
  • Height:130cm

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  • Colour:Black
  • Materials:MDF

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