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Thelma rug 80x50 off-white

Thelma rug 80x50 off-white

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The Thelma carpet is a timeless design that attracts attention with a touch of elegance and style on your floors. This rectangular rug is a perfect combination of function and beauty. The black and white patterned design immediately catches the eye and gives any room a modern and stylish look. With Thelma you have a work of art on the floor that lifts the entire interior to a new level.

Thelma is made from high-quality cotton and offers an irresistible combination of softness and durability. The smooth and pleasant feeling under your feet provides immediate comfort that you will enjoy stepping on every day. In addition, cotton is a natural and sustainable material that is environmentally friendly.

It's the little details that really make the difference. Thelma is not just any carpet - it also has elegant fringes along the short sides. These subtle and refined details add an extra touch of beauty and enhance the appearance of the carpet. The fringes also provide a playful feel and create a nice contrast with the black and white patterned surface. With Thelma you get a carpet that really stands out and adds a stylish touch to your home.


  • Length:80cm
  • Width:50cm

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  • Colour:White
  • Materials:Cotton

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