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Posh candlestick beige L

Posh candlestick beige L

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The Posh candle holder is the perfect way to add a modern touch to your home while creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. In a beautiful beige shade, it becomes a subtle but elegant detail in your room. Measuring a generous 18cm in diameter, Posh has a commanding presence and can become a beautiful focal point in any room.

Posh is made of stoneware and combines style and durability. The simple design makes it versatile and easy to integrate into different interior styles. It gives a modern impression while retaining a timeless feeling.

The Posh candle holder can be used as is to create subtle yet impactful lighting or decorated in the bowl to add a personal touch. No matter how you use it, Posh is sure to spread light and warmth in your home. Get cozy with the simple elegance of Posh and let the light create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.


  • Diameter:18ø
  • Height:6cm

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  • Colour:Beige
  • Materials:Stoneware

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