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Ovy vase black

Ovy vase black

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Bring a touch of simplicity and style into your home with Ovy, this beautiful vase that radiates elegance. Ovy is made of black stoneware and creates a refined atmosphere with its clean lines and thoughtful design.

At 17 cm high, Ovy becomes a captivating decoration, grand with its wider base and tapering top. The little extra detail – a tasteful handle – gives the vase a unique charm, making it a stylish interior accent.

Use Ovy to showcase your favorite flowers or let it stand alone as a work of art. However you use it, Ovy is sure to bring a sense of style and elegance to your home. Let Ovy be your personal touch of sophistication.


  • Height:17cm
  • Thickness:0.7cm

More information

  • Colour:Black
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Glaze

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