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Nella garden bench walnut

Nella garden bench walnut

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Create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere on your veranda with the Bonnie rattan sofa. This elegant sofa in a warm brown shade with soft beige cushions is the perfect addition to brighten up your outdoor moments.

The Bonnie sofa combines comfort and style with its carefully crafted rattan construction and harmonious color choices. The brown hue gives an earthy feel, while the beige cushions create a bright and airy contrast, making it the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee.

This rattan sofa is not just furniture; It is an invitation to relaxation and conviviality. Place Bonnie on your veranda and create an oasis of peace where you can enjoy nature and quiet moments. Whether you sit alone with a book or invite friends for a cup of coffee, Bonnie will be your elegant and comfortable companion outdoors.


  • Height:93cm
  • Width:130cm
  • Depth:82cm
  • Seat height:47cm
  • Seat width:122cm
  • Seat depth:72cm

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  • Colour:Walnut
  • Materials:Rattan

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