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Love bath mat 80x50 cream

Love bath mat 80x50 cream

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Meet Love, the ultimate addition to your bathroom design. This beautiful rectangular bathroom mat measures 50x80 cm and is designed to take your bathing experience to new heights. With its cream-colored and striking black pattern, Love seamlessly combines style, comfort and functionality. Get ready to enjoy luxury every time you step on this fluffy mat. Love proudly displays a timeless black and white pattern that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

Whether modern or classic, this mat will effortlessly match a variety of styles. The bold design creates a striking focal point that ties the entire room together and leaves a lasting impression on all who enter.

Love is made of cotton, making it soft, comfortable and durable. It efficiently absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry and warm after a relaxing shower or bath. So say goodbye to cold bathroom floors, because Love guarantees a warm and cozy start to your day.


  • Length:80cm
  • Width:50cm

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  • Colour:Cream
  • Materials:Cotton

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