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Hilma bath mat round 60ø off-white

Hilma bath mat round 60ø off-white

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience of pure comfort and enchanting softness with the Hilma bathroom mat. Made from 100% cotton and with a playful but structured pattern, Hilma creates depth and adds new dimensions to the space! Treat your feet to a warm and wonderful feeling every time you step on them. Sink into the soft and cozy surface and let the stress and tension of everyday life melt away.

The round shape of the Hilma mat provides a harmonious and balanced appearance to your bathroom. Hilma in white color brings a feeling of purity and freshness to your bathroom and at the same time adds a touch of elegance. You can easily combine it with other bathroom accessories and create a cohesive and stylish atmosphere.

Also view our other mats from the Hilma series and find your favorite! We offer a wide range of different shapes and colors so you can find the perfect match for your personal style and bathroom decor. Discover our collection and be inspired by the different possibilities.


  • Diameter:60ø

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  • Colour:Off-white
  • Materials:Cotton

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