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Hilma bath mat 80x50 off-white

Hilma bath mat 80x50 off-white

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Experience the feeling of pure luxury and comfort with the Hilma bathroom mat. Made from 100% cotton and with a playful but structured pattern, Hilma creates depth and adds new dimensions to the space! Hilma envelops your feet in a wonderful softness that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds.

Give your bathroom a touch of style and elegance with the Hilma bathroom mat in white. The rectangular shape and dimensions of 50x80 cm, together with the color scheme, create a fresh atmosphere in your bathroom. Hilma is designed to complement and enhance your existing bathroom furnishings. Whether your bathroom has a modern or classic style, Hilma fits perfectly.

Hilma's white color evokes a feeling of purity and simplicity and at the same time adds a feeling of light and spaciousness to your bathroom. Create a harmonious and stylish environment by combining Hilma with matching towels and bathroom accessories. Let Hilma become a central part of your bathroom design and enjoy its timeless beauty.

Also view our other mats from the Hilma series. They come in different shapes and colors so you can find your favorite and match it perfectly!


  • Length:80cm
  • Width:50cm

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  • Colour:Off-white
  • Materials:Cotton

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