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Cent vase white XL

Cent vase white XL

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Welcome to the Cent series, where each vase is a unique artistic treasure. The Cent urn, with its 33cm height, is a striking part of this collection. Made from sturdy stoneware and dressed in a stylish white shade, Cent exudes timeless beauty that will make a valuable addition to your home.

The vase is shaped like an urn and shows an enchanting silhouette - narrower at the bottom and elegantly flared towards the top. The harmonious roundness not only provides a visual highlight, but also creates a stable base to showcase the beauty of your flowers in the best possible way.

A small handle on one side adds an extra dimension and strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This small handle becomes a subtle focal point and adds a stylish touch to the overall look of the vase.

Whether you choose to place it alone as a work of art or fill it with flowers, Cent will add style to your interior. Discover the beauty of the Cent series and let its elegance and distinctive style enrich your home.


  • Diameter:24ø
  • Height:33cm
  • Thickness:0.7cm

More information

  • Colour:White
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Finish:Glaze

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